“March Madness” Dream or Nightmare?

I know many of you are very large fans of UCONN Basketball, or other teams (are there any other?) and are loving the great winning streak the Women are having – 108 games to date – Wow! Now the playoffs are going on, and many in their private lives and some at their workplaces are […]

Workplace Romances: 3 Reasons Why You Need a Policy

Do you know that 10% of your employees may be in a relationship with a co-worker?* How do you think your surrounding employees feel about these workplace romances?* 33% disapprove of the relationships between supervisors and subordinates 30% say that if co-workers collaborate on projects, they shouldn’t collaborate on anything else 24% believe that colleagues […]

Why Have an Employee Manual?

1) Introduces employees to the organization’s culture, mission and vision. Fosters a sense of pride Answers questions about policies and procedures 2) Communicates to employees what is expected of them. Clear understanding of their responsibilities Advises employees what the procedures are for various policies. Tells employees who to go to for answers to questions. Communicates […]

What Does Cybersecurity Have to Do With HR?

Recently my personal email was compromised and the first person I turned to was Michael Wilson, our KardasLarson IT expert and partner. As Michael was explaining how this happens and what I can do to prevent this from occurring in the future, I was simply focused on my personal email. While reflecting on this interesting […]

HR Compliance – Are You Ready for 2017?

Each year we try to put out some helpful hints to our followers about how to get ready for HR Compliance in the coming year.  Each year we identify what is the latest new legislation, regulation, a new phase of a past requirement being implemented, or just some new trends or best practices, to keep […]

Employee Rewards: How to Say Thank You to Your Greatest Assets

Finding the right employee reward and recognition program(s) can be a challenge if it is not done thoughtfully and correctly communicated. Many decision makers don’t set up such programs because they believe that they cannot afford such a new program at this time.  It isn’t about the cost of the program, but the return on […]

What’s So Hard About Supervising? A Reality Check for New Supervisors

We appoint individual contributors into management roles which are not specifically suitable for that individual and tend to let them ‘sink or swim’.* Sink or Swim The sink or swim approach leaves so much to chance because new supervisors are not typically assessed ahead of these promotions for their management potential. Current research supports that: […]

Time Off: Paid or Not!

Peak vacation season is here… how is your organization balancing pre-approved vacation time and unexpected leaves of absence? Read on for tips to keep productivity and employee morale high.