Motivate and reward achievement

The right mix of pay and benefits will help you attract and retain top talent, and bring out the best in your workforce. Knowling how to shape rewards to motivate your people for maximum productivity and accomplishment in the short and long-term is key.

  • Working as your partner, we’ll assess your current program with special attention on:
  • Alignment of corporate compensation philosophy with business objectives
  • Review of exempt and non-exempt job classifications to ensure that employees are being paid correctly against the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Analysis of current jobs for their content; including management’s expectations for job success

Once we identify areas of opportunity we will:

  • Create up-to-date job descriptions which include ADA compliance language, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to achieve outstanding performance
  • Market price positions to create a salary level framework that will be competitive in the marketplace
  • Formulate salary ranges to slot positions for comparability of pay and providing an incentive for promotional opportunities
  • Create a salary matrix to use in pay for performance
  • Provide a Job Grades Map℠ to help your employees understand how to advance in your organization

A happy and vibrant workforce is one where people feel recognized, valued, and rewarded for their efforts. Let’s create a compensation plan to get and keep your people excited to be part of your team.

Let’s create a win-win culture so your employees, and your organization, can prosper.

KardasLarson is a human resources and business consulting firm that maximizes employee performance so people and organizations prosper.



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