Energize individuals and teams to achieve beyond what is imagined.

How well your organization performs depends on the alignment of your people and internal systems.

Our organizational effectiveness practice focuses on your key drivers of success. We start with an understanding of your leadership, people, decision making and structures, work processes and systems, and culture.

From there we provide a variety of services including employee development & retention, coaching, conflict intervention, leadership strategic planning, and more. 

The goal is for you to not only be able to answer questions such as these, but to operationalize the answers to foster greater organizational performance. 

  • Is your strategy fully integrated into each business unit?

  • Does your structure support transparency in all work processes?

  • Does your performance management system incent top performers?

  • Are your hiring practices aligned to changing culture and demographics?

  • Do you have a well-articulated process for addressing workplace issues and organizational conflict?

  • Do you have a succession plan for all at-risk incumbents?

  • Do you have clearly defined competencies for all key positions?

  • Do you have a strong leadership pipeline to support leadership development and business continuity?

  • Do you have a continuous approach to employee engagement?

Find out what your organization can accomplish when fully energized and efficient.  Let’s build a path to get there.


Let’s create a win-win culture so your employees, and your organization, can prosper.

KardasLarson is a human resources and business consulting firm that maximizes employee performance so people and organizations prosper.



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