As many of you know, the Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF) partnered with KardasLarson this spring to offer a training series titled 5 Costly HR Mistakes: How to Avoid Them and Set Your Business up for Success. The topics of the five, one and one-half hour programs were:

  • HR Department of One
  • Hiring the Right People
  • Handling Performance Issues and Terminations
  • Addressing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace
  • Engaging Your Employees

Those of you who attended these programs evaluated them as very helpful in answering the many HR
challenges you face as small business owners.

This series will be offered again in the fall through CEDF’s partnership with Middlesex Community College’s Continuing Education area. You may register for one course or more programs or for the entire series. For more information about these training programs, contact Fred Welk at CEDF.

Fall Training Information

Module 1: HR Department of One

Date: Sept. 26, 6:35-8:05 PM
Presenter: Carol Kardas

  • Review State and Federal compliance requirements
  • Learn guidelines for Unemployment Claims
  • Identify the key components of a Worker’s Compensation Claim
  • Review the process for HR Commission Claims
  • Learn a framework for HR audits

Module 2: Hiring the Right People

Date: Sept. 19, 6:35-8:05 PM
Presenter: Nick Daukas

  • Identify your key challenges in the interview process
  • Overview Behavioral Interviewing as an effective interview model
  • Review tools and techniques to apply in Behavioral Interviewing
  • Provide EEO guidelines for legally-based interviews

Module 3: Handling Performance Issues and Terminations

Date: Sept. 24, 6:35-8:05 PM
Presenter: Cheryl Chester

  • Identify common performance issues
  • Review a model for Progressive Discipline
  • Learn the role of documentation
  • Review guidelines for termination

Module 4: Addressing Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

Date: Sept. 17, 6:35-8:05 PM
Presenter: Cheryl Chester

  • Review guidelines for addressing harassment and bullying
  • Apply these guidelines in your workplace
  • Provide guidelines for your employees
  • Identify warning signs in your workplace

Module 5: Engaging Your Employees

Date: Oct. 3, 6:35-8:05 PM
Presenter: Cheryl Chester

  • Overview multi-generational engagement needs
  • Review current employee engagement trends
  • Identify key factors in both driving and sustaining employee engagement
  • Evaluate the areas of focus for building engagement
  • Highlight the critical imperatives for managing engagement