A job reassignment is common. The question is: How do you handle it?
March 5, 2020

Having a frank discussion with your boss or HR rep if you find yourself in this position is key, according to Birkel and to Leesa Schipani, a partner with the Glastonbury, Connecticut-based HR consulting firm KardasLarson.

“Be candid that your understanding was that the role was to be temporary, that it doesn’t play to your strengths and you understood during your interview process that you were being hired for the role that you enjoyed and were most qualified for,” says Schipani, who suggests having your offer letter and job description in hand heading into that meeting.

If you still decide to move on, Schipani offers this advice:

“Be candid, ask for severance and for the flexibility to look for a new role,” she says. “If the organization is not willing to help — after they’ve been reminded that they’ve breached their agreement with you — you’ll know it’s not the right cultural fit. Continue to do good work as you are navigating this situation. You’ll want to have someone in the organization who can speak to your good work with future employers.”

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