Behavioral Interviewing: 3 Tips for Stronger Assessments
October 14, 2022

What is behavioral interviewing?

Most hiring managers learn how to interview by being interviewed. To effectively understand a candidate’s ability to succeed in your workplace, try focusing on past behaviors to predict future performance. Too often hiring managers offer up hypothetical situations and ask what the candidate would do. Digging to find a time when the candidate was faced with the same situation in a previous job or completing a school project, generally provides greater insights.

Why is behavioral interviewing better?

Behavioral interviewing is focused on:

  • Analyzing specific behaviors, not just subjective impressions – data, not gut;
  • The how, why and results achieved;
  • Getting the candidate talking and the hiring manager listening – too often the hiring manager talks too much;
  • Hiring the right candidate who has the skill, will and fit to succeed in your workplace.

Get started today…

Ask open-ended questions

  • How did you achieve those results? vs. Did you contribute to those results?
  • Describe your contribution in a significant work achievement. What was the outcome? vs. Have you contributed anything significant in your job?
  • Tell about a time you ran into a problem at work, what did you do to fix it, and what was the outcome? vs. Have you ever run into a problem at work?
  • Please give an example of a time you worked with a colleague or group to solve a problem. vs. Do you know how to solve problems?

Embrace silence

Once you’ve asked the question be silent until you receive an answer. If the candidate doesn’t respond right away, simple say “take your time”. Interviewers tend to fill the gap or move to another question. Wait for an answer.

Dig deeper

Once your initial question has been answered, follow up to obtain more information. Balance questions with statements as candidates don’t want to be interrogated.

  • Tell me more.
  • What was the outcome?
  • What did you learn?

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Leesa Schipani

Leesa Schipani


With 20+ years HR experience, her focus includes HR strategy, talent management, and customer & employee experience. Leesa has advanced HR certifications: SPHR, SHRM-SCP.


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