Carol Kardas to Speak at “Beyond Pay – Creative Strategies to Engage and Retain High Performing Talent” for HRACC

On May 23rd, Carol Kardas will speak at HRACC's "Beyond Pay - Creative Strategies to Engage and Retain High Performing Talent". Carol Kardas will share creative solutions for compensating employees without money. It starts by understanding your employees needs what is required to get great engagement and retention.

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Nick Daukas to Present “Strategic HR Management” at CBIA Human Resource Conference

Nick Daukas will Present "Strategic HR Management" at CBIA's Human Resource Conference on March 29th. Improve your strategic thinking in planning for not only for next month, but looking a few years down the road to better position the company to be prepared in our ever-changing workforce landscape.

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Carol Kardas to Teach “Getting the Right Start in HR” at CBIA Human Resource Conference

Carol Kardas will teach a two-part session, "Getting the Right Start in HR", at the CBIA Human Resource Conference. In part one, learn the key laws every HR professional should know. In part two, we’ll cover the basics of recordkeeping and record retention, safe hiring, and termination practices.

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