Dissatisfied with position? Look into moving elsewhere in company
October 7, 2019

DEAR READERS: I’ve known many people over the years who’ve told me they like the company they work for but aren’t thrilled with their job. Sometimes it’s due to the job itself, sometimes it’s because they are having issues with their boss. If someone is in that situation, is it appropriate for him or her to go to Human Resources to ask for a different job? If so, how should the request be framed?

Yep — it’s perfectly fine, even recommended — to discuss your desire for another position with your HR rep.

That’s the advice from Andy Thiede, a consultant with KardasLarson in Glastonbury , Connecticut, who has dealt with similar situations in the more than 25 years she’s been working in HR.

“In general, most employers are interested in keeping their great employees engaged and would prefer to have them employed in a different capacity — assuming it’s the right fit — than to see them leave,” Thiede explains. But you should do a bit of homework before heading to HR.

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