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Build a solid business foundation

An organization’s stability and future relies on its single most important asset: its people.
A strategically crafted and effectively applied set of human resource practices are the building blocks of a sturdy foundation for growth.

Our focus is to guide your implementation of practices to support you today and through your growth journey. We’ll start by understand your needs:

  • Has your business grown and you’ve added more employees?
  • Is it time to create a more formal approach with your workforce?
  • Does your team need additional human resources support

Our consultants bring over 20 years proven experience, and can assist you with:

  • HR practice reviews/audits
  • Employee handbook development
  • Employee relations issues
  • Regulatory/legal compliance
  • Terminations and separations
  • Union prevention/avoidance
  • Safety OSHA compliance
  • Job description development
  • Third-party investigations/mediation

Whether you’re getting your human resources program up and running, or you have a team in place that can use seasoned, expert advice and support, we are ready to help.

Let’s create a win-win culture so your employees, and your organization, can prosper.

KardasLarson is a human resources and business consulting firm that maximizes employee performance so people and organizations prosper.