How do employee engagement surveys impact organizations?
October 7, 2020

Organizations function best when they can engage employees to unleash their creativity, commit to work product, have a passion for the mission and the energy to perform their jobs.  Oftentimes, organizations assume they understand what drives their employees and maximizes their potential to be motivated and productive. The realization that employees may not be engaged comes as a shock to some organizations and lack of engagement can cause retention issues.

Employee engagement is between the organization and the employee. When an organization listens to their employees and asks for input on various issues within the workplace, there becomes an alignment of understanding that encourages participation.

So, what can employers do to ascertain what it is that motivates and engages employees in the workplace. One great tool to use the Employee Survey. Here are the top seven thoughts around how the Employee Survey is a great benefit to a business.  

An Employee Engagement Survey can:

  1. Determine what it is that employees value about working with their current employer by answering questions related to their work life.
  2. Detect issues and problems that exist in the workplace and allow a business to fix those areas to improve employee morale.
  3. Review benefits offered to employees to be sure that dollars allotted to certain benefits are getting the correct return on the investment.
  4. Provide candid and impartial feedback on current employee morale and engagement.
  5. Be a communication vehicle to set a benchmark on improvement areas and understand what a business is doing well and where there needs to be improvement.
  6. Create an annual feedback vehicle to measure progress and success on the business culture.
  7. Have a powerful impact on retention.

KardasLarson has conducted several Employee Engagement surveys for organizations and provided overall guidance on the scope, design, questions, results and communication of the surveys.  If you have an interest in conducting such a survey, contact KardasLarson for a conversation on creating your own Employee Engagement Survey.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson



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