How To Give Helpful and Meaningful Peer Feedback
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August 20, 2019

How To Give Helpful and Meaningful Peer Feedback

Nobody likes to be blindsided, especially if they’re about to receive a dose of criticism. Be kind to your coworkers and ask permission before providing feedback. “If you are not providing critical performance feedback, gauge readiness for feedback,” suggested Leesa Schipani, a partner at KardasLarson Human Resources Consulting. “Ask something like: ‘Are you open to feedback?’ ‘May I give you feedback?’ or ‘Would feedback be helpful?'”

Additionally, if the feedback is part of a larger conversation, offer a specific amount of time you plan on giving feedback (for example, “Could we set aside 15 minutes to discuss your work on this project?”), and allow your colleague to decide on the best time to talk. This sets up the foundation for a conversation in a way that won’t throw anyone into a defensive position.

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