Lois Krause
Lois KrausePractice Leader, HR Compliance
Leesa Schipani
Leesa SchipaniPartner

Our Inaugural HR Chat will be an interview with Lois Krause.
When: April 11, 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm
Format: Webinar Presentation with Q&A

Program Summary

In 30 minutes, you’ll hear HR experts share tips and best practices while offering you a chance to have your own questions answered in an interactive format.

In this session, Leesa Schipani will talk with Lois Krause and discuss common HR Mistakes such as:

  • Hiring Too Quickly/Not Screening Candidates Properly
  • Using Improper Pay Categories/Practices
  • Ignoring Employee Engagement and Retention Efforts
  • Compliance Reporting Mistakes and Omissions
  • “Saying Goodbye” Improperly