HR Solutions
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HR Solutions

Retainer Services

Our retainer services help you to establish an HR presence in your organization. We provide continuity by being on site for a specified timeframe each month with specific project goals. Together, we will craft a customized monthly retainer program providing support for your leadership team and employees.

On-Call Services

Our on-call services will provide you with “just in time” solutions to your HR challenges. These services are designed to help you with policy interpretation, best practice research, disciplinary action support, conflict resolution, third-party investigations, training and coaching for your HR representatives.

Project Based Services

Project based services include leading or overseeing projects that you choose to outsource:

  • Recruitment and on boarding of talent
  • Development of compensation and performance management programs
  • Creation of employee handbooks, job descriptions or training programs
  • Assistance with organizational change, mediation, leadership coaching
  • Facilitation and development of HR/business strategy