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At KardasLarson, coaching is about providing feedback and guidance in real time to help individuals achieve their goals. Our coaches help leaders remove roadblocks for success now and in the future. We partner with the employee and the organization outcomes and all of our coaches are experienced advocates for change.

Once all parties agree on the goals and parameters of the coaching engagement, we build a customized coaching experience designed to help the employee sharpen skills and overcome hurdles to enhanced performance.

We believe that coaching adds value to organizations in the following situations:

  • New manager/leader assimilation and career management
  • Developing potential and grooming for succession
  • Maximizing executive performance
  • Improving leadership/Board of Director effectiveness
  • Refining communication and interaction styles
  • Preventing and managing conflict
  • Supporting effective management of significant organizational change initiatives

Leaders need feedback too. They don’t always see the impact of their style and behavior.
Margot Larson, Founding Partner, KardasLarson

KardasLarson believes coaching benefits leaders by helping to:

  • Clarify vision and strategy
  • Build relationships and navigate political minefields
  • Provide guidance to tap networks and alliances
  • Shift accountability of career management to the employee
  • Accelerate success or enhance performance
  • Build harmony and minimize conflict

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