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Instead of Trying to ‘Handle’ a Bad Boss, Avoid Hiring One in the First Place

“I have had a few bosses who were horrible,” said Lois A. Krause, SHRM-SCP, practice leader for HR compliance at KardasLarson LLC, a human resources consulting firm in Avon, Conn. “They had to be the smartest ones in the room, and you had to agree with them. They did not want to hear differing opinions. I have seen managers who were successful as individual contributors or as part of a team but never really had managerial experience. They usually believed they had to have all of the answers and were afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.’ ”
Lois Krause contributing to SHRM.org

Before you meet a candidate for a managerial job, you may be able to tell if the candidate is a bad boss “if there are multiple managerial positions [listed] that seem suited to their skills, but they had a short tenure in each”.
Lois Krause contributing to SHRM.org

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