Is the grass greener on the other side? 4 reasons to stay in touch.
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March 23, 2022

Over the last 18 months employers have been struggling with the Great Resignation. An enormous movement has taken place as employees have left for seemingly greener grass. Could we now be seeing a trend of “surprise or regret”? In a recent study by the Muse, 72% of the 2500 respondents said they’ve experienced what is being called “Shift Shock”.

Shift Shock results when new employees realize that the role they have accepted is not what they expected. Or perhaps the company and culture don’t live up to what they were sold in the interview process. As a result, many are learning that the grass isn’t greener on the other side and some are working to get their old job back. This is where it pays off to keep in touch with your departed superstars. Here’s why:

1. Familiarity with company and culture

Your departed employees understand your organization, how it works and the cultural norms. For new employees, this can be an enormous learning curve. Hiring alums enhances speed to productivity and oftentimes increases morale because people in your organization are happy to see them return.

2. New skills acquired

In their new company, they may have acquired skills that you need in your organization. Perhaps they have worked with a new technology that you’ve been considering or gained experience supervising a team of people. These new skills could serve your organization well.

3. Roles in your organization may have changed

If employees leave because you don’t have their dream role, perhaps that has changed and you can now help meet their career aspirations. You have a lot of data on your departing employees and understand their demonstrated strengths. You might have an alum out there that is the right fit for the new role you’ve created.

4. Increased retention

Sampling other organizations often helps employees appreciate the company they left. This appreciation often turns into greater loyalty and retention. Frequently, those who have pursued what they thought was greener grass become strong ambassadors for your organization.

The sooner business owners and leaders get over the shock and anger that an employee has decided to try something new, the sooner they can channel that energy into a “stay in touch” campaign. You have all the touchpoints (phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn connections) and you know the best way to reach your alums. Connecting periodically to find out how the new job is going demonstrates that you want to continue the relationship. If alum hiring is not a part of your current recruitment strategy, consider exploring the benefits.

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Leesa Schipani

Leesa Schipani


With 20+ years HR experience, her focus includes HR strategy, talent management, and customer & employee experience. Leesa has advanced HR certifications: SPHR, SHRM-SCP.


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