KardasLarson, a Glastonbury-based HR consulting firm, recently celebrated its 15th year anniversary. The firm was founded by Carol Kardas and Margot Larson, to provide both tactical and strategic HR solutions to small to mid-size businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

Nick Daukas, managing partner, KardasLarson, stated “We have grown from the two founding partners to a team of nine HR professionals, many with advanced certifications and expertise in specific HR disciplines. In the coming years we look forward to adding to our team and working with more organizations that want to achieve their goals through proactive HR services.”

Carol Kardas, founding partner, added, “When Margot and I started KardasLarson, our focus was to provide top tier HR services to our client base. As the years progressed, we attracted HR professionals who shared our vision, and wanted to join our team. It brings me immense joy knowing that clients we worked with in the beginning, are still our clients today.” Co-founder Margot Larson passed away in February 2016 after fighting cancer.

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