Leesa Schipani to Speak at the 2021 Alliance Annual Nonprofit Conference: Stronger Together
November 19, 2021


Leesa Schipani

The Great Retention: How Do We Get There? with Leesa Schipani
on Dec 9th

We are living through what is being called “The Great Resignation” as we move into a new world of work post-pandemic. According to the 2021 People Management Report, 48% of employees have thought about quitting their job. Fortunately many have not acted on their contemplation. The folks that are leaving have sent a clear message- “I don’t want to stay in a job that doesn’t inspire or engage me.”

As we move into 2022, consider that job satisfaction has a new definition. Employees are willing to accept less compensation for generous time off programs, the ability to live and work wherever they want and most importantly who they work with. Organizations that don’t have the ability to offer remote or hybrid work will be looking to understand what’s important to their employees working on site.

Organization leaders and middle managers need to be invested in what it will take to create engagement and inspire employees to do their best work. This session will help non-profit leaders understand the case for change and offer practical ideas they can implement after the session.

Retaining and inspiring top talent who understand the mission, give discretionary effort and advocate for the non-profit assist in realizing the mission.

Participants will learn:

  • An understanding of employee retention drivers post-pandemic
  • Practical strategies to increase engagement in the organization
  • Best practices for inspiring employees to do their best work

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