Rejuvenate the health of your people practices


With the advent of all the recent disruptions to business as we once knew it – remote working, high turnover, difficulty attracting new talent, and more – we are all essentially working in the unknown. In addition, many new employment laws put into place providing greater rights to employees are further reshaping, and sometimes complicating, how to manage it all.

So where can we find solid ground from which to support our employees and continue to grow our organizations. One of the best ways to garner stability is by taking an objective look inward. And when you do, it’s key to know what to look at, and how to activate what you learn for reinforcement or improvement, or both.

KL’s Organizational Assessment digs deep, examines our clients’ organizational drivers, and identifies what’s working, what requires improvement, and what’s missing. The findings enable us to guide our clients to:

  • Review and assess regulatory compliance to federal and state laws and regulations and guidelines to minimize legal exposure

  • Illuminate strengths and blind spots

  • Establish a human resources framework that puts a sharper focus on

    • Diversity

    • Equity and inclusion, and

    • Organizational culture

  • Improve essential practices such as hiring, wage & hour policies and practices, posting, recordkeeping, and required documentation

  • Develop programs and processes to improve organizational effectiveness in areas of communication and connection, leadership competency and credibility, and employee pride and loyalty

  • Improve decision making throughout the organization

  • Proactively manage and support their workforce

When is the best time for an assessment? Times like these that challenge us in unprecedented ways is an ideal time for a self review. Very often it’s how you will rediscover your source of organizational strength, gain clarity, and re-energize your leadership and staff to keep creating ongoing value and growth.

Let’s create a win-win culture so your employees, and your organization, can prosper.

KardasLarson is a human resources and business consulting firm that maximizes employee performance so people and organizations prosper.



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