Fuel your organization for growth.

Talent is the fuel for growth. From entry level to C Suite positions, our networks and strategic approach to attracting and acquiring talent allow our clients to build the right team the first time. Finding and on-boarding people with the skills for today’s demands as well as the fit, diversity, passion, and potential for ongoing growth in your organization is our goal.

Wide networks provide a broad reach into a deep talent pool.
Each of our team members has a wide network and a plethora of contacts and resources they can access. Industries include: construction, engineering, utilities, education, government agencies/municipalities, health care, insurance, financial services, public accounting, aerospace, information technology, manufacturing, food service, retailing, real estate, hospitality and non-profit advocacy and services.

A systematic approach facilitates quick, efficient identification and engagement of top talent. Our 20 years proven experience has taught us what works best when seeking prime candidates. We can help you leverage your brand to attract talent, and assess which are the best fit for a win-win experience.

Our process includes:

  • Leveraging networks, internal referrals and social media to source talent
  • Assessing and presenting top candidates for your evaluation
  • New hire experience follow up
  • On-boarding practices for long-term success

Let’s put together a strategy to help you find the right people who will lead your company into the future. 


Let’s create a win-win culture so your employees, and your organization, can prosper.

KardasLarson is a human resources and business consulting firm that maximizes employee performance so people and organizations prosper.



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