What Does Cybersecurity Have to Do With HR?
January 6, 2017

Recently my personal email was compromised and the first person I turned to was Michael Wilson, our KardasLarson IT expert and partner. As Michael was explaining how this happens and what I can do to prevent this from occurring in the future, I was simply focused on my personal email. While reflecting on this interesting subject, I began to realize that there are many areas of our business that need to be kept confidential. From that point on, I decided to educate myself on cybersecurity best practices in order to serve my clients at a higher level.

At KardasLarson, we always promise to keep our clients’ information confidential, and rightly so!  We believe we should help you keep your  employees’ information confidential. As a responsibility and legal requirement, keeping employee information secure is critical. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do  you  send information via email?
  • Do you enter sensitive information into an inter, or intra net portal?
  • Do you expect it to be kept confidential?

Of course you do.  We hope you also take every precaution to keep “prying eyes” from seeing this information.  If you don’t, you could be held personally liable, and even be criminally charged for negligence. This is scary stuff, and we all need to learn how to best keep our information confidential and also run our businesses.

I  am a novice when it comes to cybersecurity, so I asked our expert, Michael Wilson, Digital Strategist, how he helps his clients, like KardasLarson, build and protect their brand. After my conversation with Michael, I can talk about safe, strong passwords, two factor authentication to help keep your information safe, and even explain “Phishing”. My knowledge pales compared to Michael’s expertise so we decided to bring Michael to you. Take a look at the video we developed to help you to be better informed, and understand how this all works!

Lois Krause

Lois Krause


With 25+ years of experience, Lois Krause's HR strengths include labor law, employee relations, OD, and performance management. Lois has advanced HR certifications.


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